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Upcoming events

May 27
Louisa Palmi @ORCA sessions
Gothenburg, Sweden 

June 24
Arctic Arts Festival 
Harstad, Norway

Past events

May 4
3:e våningen - dance performance with Toby Kassell
Gothenburg, Sweden

April 29 
Organica, Spike Brewery - dance performance with Toby Kassell
Gothenburg, Sweden 

January 20
3:e Våningen - Far Away Nearby
Gothenburg, Sweden

January 15
Treffpunkt, ambisonic concert
Tallin, Estonia

December 17
Longest Night Festival
Gothenburg, Sweden 

December 16
Atalante Julshow
Gothenburg, Sweden 

December 5 - 8
Recidency Inkonst
Malmö, Sweden 

October 22
Insomnia Festival
Tromsø, Norway

September 26 - 30
Pikene på broen Recidency 
Kirkenes, Norway 

May 28
Verona Resona Festival 
Verona, Italy 

May 19
Audiovisual piece
Palace of the Grand Dukes
Vilinius, Lithuania 

May 10
Immedia workshop immersive arts 
Villnius, Luthuania 

March 25 
Electric Audio Unit - Four world premieres
Sentralen, Oslo, Norway