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Is it for the Government? 

Format: 3D ambisonics

Is it for the Government (4:03) is a piece reflecting over how we are building our way to our end. The material used to composed the piece was recorded at different building sites around Gothenburg. It narrates a dialogue between  machines and humans. How will this collaboration develop in the future? Commisioned by Electric Audio Unit to be premiered in May 23. 

Far Away Nearby

Dance piece by Toby Kassel
Music: Louisa Palmi
Performers: Janine Koertge and Christoph von Riedemann.

“It’s about feelings really. And about loss. The reality of meeting people in our lives who go away for one reason or another. To create this duet, I’ve been busy with finding out how I can work with something that I’m really interested in; how people are connected.”

Interview about the piece:

Photos by Ingeborg Zachariassen

Filmed by Donovan von Martens

The Sound Archive

Format: Stereo
This is a project about documenting places, memory processes and sound. Through recordnings and a publication I have made a sound archive to document the building “Flickläroverket” in Gothenburg that was demolished in spring 2023. The sound archive is available for anyone to use. Write me an email if you want a download link. The publication will be part of a book that will be published spring 2024. 


Format: quadraphonic
Collaboration with WAVE∞FORM

Enfold (35:13) is a musical work that explores the things that exist in the hidden. Through textures, contrasts and massive enveloping sound, a dialogue between two artists who have never met before is presented. Where most people have their first meeting on the surface, they meet in the deep. Commisioned by and performed at Insomnia Festival 2022. 


Format: 3D ambisonics.

Again (8:07) is a piece working with the process of uncovering different domains within a world. The piece travels between simplicity and complexity, variations of the same movement in different states. It depictures how something can be looked upon or experienced in many different ways subject to what point of departure we have.


Format: 3D ambisonics.

Blocks (7:00) is a piece based on transformation and interaction between organic and inorganic sounds. It explores how one can use blocks as building blocks at the same time as limitations


Format: stereo

Commotion (20:00) was part on a site specific piece presented at a spa boat in the harbour of Tromsø, where the audience was invited to a 90 minute experience including sauna, hot tum ans a steam room. The bodily experiences were accomanied by sound works. This work was in the sauna. 

This project was a collaboration with Malin Nordström. 

Photos by Kristine Rød