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This project revolves around the documentation of places, memory processes, and sound. Through recordings and a subsequent publication, I have compiled a sound archive to capture the essence of the now-demolished Artisten or Flickläroverket building in Gothenburg, which met its end in the spring of 2023. The sound archive is open for anyone to explore and use. Additionally, the findings and reflections from this project will be featured in a publication as part of a book set to be released in the spring of 2024.

In a haze, thudding yet diffuse bass is heard in the distance. The sound approaches, and the treble becomes more discernible in the song. "… I'm living on such sweet nothing…" is sung by Florence Welch. To me, a familiar voice that I've spent many hours of my life listening to. It reminds me of the parties we used to have during high school. The song continues to play as I dream myself back to my teenage years. Along with the music, I hear the dancers' feet stomping in rhythm. An occasional joyful scream breaks through the otherwise dense auditory landscape. This is probably one of the last dance lessons in these premises. The music fades. A lone voice sings, "I'm bulletproof, fire away, fire away." I hear footsteps in the distance, a metallic door slamming shut loudly, an organ playing, a new song begins.




When sound gains movement, new spaces are created. When spaces gain sound, movement is created. Movement through time and space, together forming history and memories. This is an attempt to convey a memory of Artisten, in the part that once was Flickläroverket. A journey in listening to spaces, exploring the rooms we move through, how we interact with them, and how this creates memories. We hear each other and react to it. We create echoes of each other's movements in space. Echoes that reverberate after the sound waves have stopped bouncing between the walls.

Thank you to Monica Sand for leading this wonderful project and to Arve Henriksen for the idea of the Sound Archive. 

The full Sound Archive can be found in this folder: