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Kaipu describes the current situation of the Kven culture. There is a sense of loss for something that the Kvens have lost, a longing for their own cultural expressions that once existed but did not have the opportunity to be transmitted or further developed. This is a pervasive theme in much of what many Kvens experience today. This project aims to reflect some of the experiences that Kvens have had, with Kaipu playing a central role in it.

Through small and large soundscapes, we get to experience reworked old Kven ballads, hymns, texts, rhymes, rules, and songs—all in the spirit of improvisation.

The North Norwegian Jazz Ensemble consists of: Arve Henriksen - trumpet, electronics; Frida Lydia Hansen - vocals; Svein Schultz - bass; Viktor Wilhelmsen - guitars; Mariann Torset - organ; Aleksander Kostopoulos - drums, percussion; Adrian Danielsen - keyboard, piano; Louisa Palmi – electronics, effects.

The music is composed and arranged by Viktor Wilhelmsen, Svein Schultz, and Mariann Torset. Lyrics by Frida Lydia Hansen, among others. The North Norwegian Jazz Ensemble is a significant and long-awaited initiative for jazz and improvisational music in the region. It brings together the foremost musicians in jazz and improvised music in Northern Norway, forming a large, professional ensemble. With brand new music composed specifically for the ensemble and the participating musicians, the North Norwegian Jazz Ensemble aims to showcase the uniqueness and diversity that the region represents in jazz and related genres.

"This was a completely unique and powerful concert experience."
- 6/6 in the newspaper Nordlys

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Photos by Sverre Simonsen